Talent Search and Training

We Stop At Nothing!

At Manageable Marketing Solutions, we believe that finding the right talent is an act of love. That’s why our talented hiring team takes every search seriously. From posting the job ad to screening the candidates, every step is filled with the love and care we have for our company and our team. We understand that each candidate is unique and special, and we make sure to give them a fair chance with a 2-part interview process. Once we find the right fit, we welcome them into our family with open arms and train them with the same love and attention that our team receives. Our Talent Search is more than just finding someone to fill a position, it’s about bringing in someone who will share our passion and love for the work we do.

Once the search is over we will train the candidate on the correct follow procedures, the correct phone etiquette, the consultation, and sales.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Casey Whatley

CEO (Mrs. Works too much)

Rachel Esquibel

Content Creation Manager & Appointment Manager (Best Proof Reader on the Planet)

Harsimran Singh

Website Editing & Technical Implementations (Website Guru)

Our Call Center

We have many call agents who handle calls inbound and outbound.

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