Are you tired of seeing your leads slip away without a response?

Are you frustrated that your staff is unable to follow up with prospects enough times to get them to convert?

We understand how stressful it can be when things don’t go the way you hope. 

Follow-up means more than one call and more than one email… Our Call Hop service does just that! We offer a 16-point touch system that allows us to call, email, text, and even DM your leads. The offices that have implemented our system have seen an increase of over 50% in consultations. In addition, this service typically pays for itself with just one procedure per month! 


Sounds like what has been missing in your practice? 

More Patients Guaranteed!

Give your patients the attention they deserve and maximize every office call. Our experienced team is here to take over all phone management so you can focus on taking care of them without any distractions. From getting accurate information from existing calls, and reducing staff turnover issues to even generating quality new leads- we have it covered! Get ready for a first impression like never before with our patient-focused service solutions geared up toward helping grow practice success!

What can we do for you?

We solve REAL problems.

Call Hop + Plus Social

We handle all aspects of advertising for you, from creating and posting content to calling leads and scheduling appointments.

Call Hop

Already have a steady stream of leads? Need someone to follow up on your existing leads? We can call and book those into your EMR.

Call Hop + PPC

We handle all aspects of advertising for you, from creating, getting you the leads and we call the leads and scheduling appointments.

The Faces Behind Our Success

The Faces Behind Our Success

What our clients have to say...

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