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"Strategies for Presenting Affordable Pricing to the Patient."

These strategies are so afforable for eveyone your close rate with triple if you follow the program.


Presented by Casey Whatley

Attention Health, Aesthetics & Wellness Community! Discover a game-changing solution to accommodate patients’ finances during a recession. Say goodbye to pricing woes as we unveil an irresistible pricing strategy. Join us as we share our knowledge and empower you to thrive.

That’s not all! Learn the secrets to getting 5-star patient reviews, harnessing referrals from one-time patients, and maximizing the potential of your online listings. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to take your practice to new heights.

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About the Presentor

Introducing Casey Whatley, the brilliant mind behind Manageable Marketing Solutions. With an impressive MBA in Business, specializing in Sales and Marketing, Mrs. Whatley brings over 25 years of valuable experience to the table. From catering to million-dollar practices to assisting single-person operations, she has mastered the art of sales and marketing. Recognized as a trailblazer in appointment scheduling and sales conversion training, Casey Whatley is the go-to expert for all your business needs.

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