Patient Retention & Referrals

Ongoing & Past Patient Engagement

Don't let those opportunities slip away...

As a medical professional, your patients’ well-being is your top priority. However, what good does it do if they forget about you when they need medical attention? The key to retaining patients and gaining referrals is staying top of mind. Did you know that patients who are nurtured by email convert up to 67% more than those who aren’t? That’s why you need our email and SMS marketing campaigns. We will keep you in your patients’ inboxes and ensure that they never forget about you. Our team will create and send engaging campaigns that will not only nurture your current patients but also attract new ones through referrals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance patient retention and referrals with our professional email and SMS marketing services.

Patient Review Request Service

Do you ask for social proof?

In today’s digitally-driven world, asking for patient reviews is more important than ever before. Not only does it help with customer acquisition and retention, but it also enhances the credibility of your brand. Patient reviews can serve as a powerful tool for building your online reputation, providing social proof that helps to influence consumer behavior. As a healthcare provider, encouraging your patients to leave reviews is a smart way to establish your practice as a trusted resource in the community. By leveraging patient feedback, you can continue to improve your services and grow your brand. Patient reviews on Google are important because they tell people what other people thought about the doctor and practice.   

We collect patient reviews in three steps:

Step 1:  Provide professionally printed cards with a QR code and shorten links.

Step 2:  Send texts and emails asking your patients for review for ease of the process.

Step 3:  Manage and respond to reviews.

Social Media Content

The little things do help!

In today’s digital age, having a strong social media presence is crucial for any business, especially in healthcare. Patients rely heavily on online reviews and social media to provide insight into a medical practice. Therefore, healthcare providers must establish themselves on popular social media platforms to better connect with their patients. Efficient and high-quality social media content creation, coupled with regular posting, is essential for any successful social media campaign. However, managing social media can be both overwhelming and time-consuming. Therefore, delegating social media management to experienced professionals who offer done-for-you posting services can ensure a consistent and engaging presence on social media, allowing healthcare providers to focus on their patients’ well-being.

Would asking for reviews help your practice?

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